Film // Indie Wedding Films by Blue Finch Photography

Earlier in June I started toying with the idea of offering our brides an affordable, unique videography solution, you can read all about it in this post: WEDDING // A GLIMPSE INTO OUR WEDDING! OUR INDIE WEDDING FILM

Now it's here! We're offering our services as wedding videographers. And yesterday we made the little film below in celebration of the fact. I'll have a post up soon with a tut on how to make the wedding dress featured and another with a full shoot of inspirational photos.

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Wedding // A glimpse into our wedding! Our indie wedding film.

"You have to have a wedding videographer! You'll totally regret it if you don't!" This was what I heard time and again when I was planning our wedding, but there simply wasn't any money left in the budget. Besides, why do I have to have one? I'll never watch a 2 hour video and it will be full of lame music with cheesy speeches and slow motion, I kept telling myself.

Then I had an idea. I have lots of friends in the design and photography industry. Lots of student friends. Friends who wouldn't mind helping me out for a good meal and some dancing. I've been editing videos for years, so why not do a home video version of our wedding? Nothing formal and cliché, just a bright, fun little piece to show all my friends who couldn't make it on the day. I convinced Steve Plummer to be my video guy with his DSLR and a shoulder rig. Below is the result:

Then Emma and Ruan positively begged us to document their wedding (Steve to the rescue again for the video and I was back on Final Cut Pro) with this result:

Now, we're thinking of helping out our brides with the same videography solution, yay or nay? (No students will be harmed in the process).