Inspiration // New Year's Resolution Challenge

On the 1st of January 2014 I made a new year's resolution unlike any other. I wasn't planning on losing weight or exercising more, or any of the typical new year's resolutions. My goal for 2014 was to learn to do everything I've wanted to learn to do in the past but have always been too lazy or busy for. Ok, not quite everything, but 12 things. One for every month. This has been the only resolution I have ever managed to keep. In some cases I took classes and in others youtube was enough. I challenge you to pick 12 things you've always wanted to learn to do and do them in 2015. Here's what 2014 looked like for me:

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DIY // Carnivorous Terrariums

Terrariums are beautiful additions to the home which have reached new heights of popularity over the past year.

The trend for keeping terrariums started in 1842, when the botanist  Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who had interest in observing insect behaviour, accidentally left one of his insect jars unattended. A fern seed grew, germinated into a plant, and the terrarium was born. The trend then quickly spread across Victorian England. This was known as a Wardian Case instead of a terrarium. 

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Something different

When I took my puppy for a walk this afternoon I took my camera along because it's a special time of year. It's a bit cooler outside and a bit darker in the mornings, but mostly it's the colours that are different. Autumn is in the air and there's yellow, orange and red everywhere. If there are any future brides reading this, why not consider a May wedding? From an aesthetic point of view the light will be beautiful, there colours will be amazing and you'll get to wear a fur stole like a 1920s movie star!