DIY // Carnivorous Terrariums

Terrariums are beautiful additions to the home which have reached new heights of popularity over the past year.

The trend for keeping terrariums started in 1842, when the botanist  Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who had interest in observing insect behaviour, accidentally left one of his insect jars unattended. A fern seed grew, germinated into a plant, and the terrarium was born. The trend then quickly spread across Victorian England. This was known as a Wardian Case instead of a terrarium. 

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Home // My Curious Plant Collection

My kitchen has windows all around. This sounds beautiful and idyllic, doesn't it? Well, in Sydney windows all around translates into "greenhouse" and "heatstroke". As a result I've developed a bit of an obsession: odd plants. These beauties love being boiled to death in a humid, glass box. They flourish by devouring the bountiful flies and myriad of bugs born of an Australian summer. True, my collection is now slightly out of hand with no less that 12 different types of pitcher plants competing for the aforementioned flies, but they're just so PRETTY.

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