DIY // Christmas Crackers

I seem to leave everything for Christmas to the last minute (although this year I was super organised about gifts, high five me), and this year is my first year hosting. How crazy grown up am I? But hosting takes planning. Not something I'm good at. I tend to get stuck on the exciting stuff and completely forget about anything practical. For example, Christmas crackers, this year I wanted to make my own. No lame nail clippers for us! I got so distracted by this that I still haven't decided what glaze to make for the ham. There's just too many choices!

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DIY // Carnivorous Terrariums

Terrariums are beautiful additions to the home which have reached new heights of popularity over the past year.

The trend for keeping terrariums started in 1842, when the botanist  Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who had interest in observing insect behaviour, accidentally left one of his insect jars unattended. A fern seed grew, germinated into a plant, and the terrarium was born. The trend then quickly spread across Victorian England. This was known as a Wardian Case instead of a terrarium. 

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DIY // Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

This was the ultimate crafternoon challenge. I wanted to make a wedding dress. There were several raised eyebrows, but I had grand plans. A big, poofy, tulle laden skirt and a flattering sweetheart bodice. I had no pattern, only ideas. 

The skirt was easy enough to make, no pattern required, but the bodice wasn't. I spent ages and several prototypes learning that it's better just to buy this pattern off Etsy. After that realisation it was smooth sailing.

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