Wedding // A glimpse into our wedding! Our indie wedding film.

"You have to have a wedding videographer! You'll totally regret it if you don't!" This was what I heard time and again when I was planning our wedding, but there simply wasn't any money left in the budget. Besides, why do I have to have one? I'll never watch a 2 hour video and it will be full of lame music with cheesy speeches and slow motion, I kept telling myself.

Then I had an idea. I have lots of friends in the design and photography industry. Lots of student friends. Friends who wouldn't mind helping me out for a good meal and some dancing. I've been editing videos for years, so why not do a home video version of our wedding? Nothing formal and cliché, just a bright, fun little piece to show all my friends who couldn't make it on the day. I convinced Steve Plummer to be my video guy with his DSLR and a shoulder rig. Below is the result:

Then Emma and Ruan positively begged us to document their wedding (Steve to the rescue again for the video and I was back on Final Cut Pro) with this result:

Now, we're thinking of helping out our brides with the same videography solution, yay or nay? (No students will be harmed in the process).