DIY // Christmas Crackers

I seem to leave everything for Christmas to the last minute (although this year I was super organised about gifts, high five me), and this year is my first year hosting. How crazy grown up am I? But hosting takes planning. Not something I'm good at. I tend to get stuck on the exciting stuff and completely forget about anything practical. For example, Christmas crackers, this year I wanted to make my own. No lame nail clippers for us! I got so distracted by this that I still haven't decided what glaze to make for the ham. There's just too many choices!

Anyway, here's a quick little tut for DIY Christmas Crackers if you feel like taking a break from all the grown up planning.

What you'll need
Christmas Cracker Kit (from Riot Art & Craft)
Red and green M&Ms
Bouncy balls

This is fairly simple. Follow the instructions on your kit, stuff each cracker with a joke, hat, scratchie, bubbles, stickers, a toy and M&Ms. Tie off with ribbons.