Inspiration // Laid Back Blue Mountains Backyard Wedding

Remember last friday when I dragged myself out of bed at 5am to go to the flower markets? Well, this was why. We were leaving for a weekend in the Blue Mountains later that day and I needed bouquets and floral crowns and other such pretty things to put together a bridal inspiration for a backyard wedding. 

This is what I think weddings should be like, in a backyard with flowers and friends. Where you can relax and just enjoy the day and not worry about whether great-aunt Mallorie will like your wedding shoes (she won't and she'll tell you this very loudly) or if the caterers have arrived yet. With a backyard wedding you don't have to have a two-year engagement because your favourite dress designer needs that much of a heads up to fit you into her schedule, nor do you have to choose your wedding date based on venue availability.

In fact, it's so low key I'd be happy to plan your backyard wedding for you and have you married and living happily ever after by the end of next week (well, next month since you do have to give notice of your intending marriage and all that).

Also, a backyard wedding means you can have dogs as bridesmaids! 

Dress: Alannah Hill | Venue: Holly Lodge | Photography: Blue Finch Photography | Models: Louise + Van Aarde Krynauw | Bridesmaids: Oyster + Myla